Why do some men not grow a beards?

If we talk about beards and mustaches, it ‘s only men . Women often think that they will not go out. Really, every man grows a beard, right? If you answered yes to this answer, then no. Not all men grow beards. So let’s take a look at why some men don’t grow beards.

Why do some men not grow a beards?

Why do some men not grow a beard? Not all men grow beards. For some men, beard growth is relatively slow and almost non-existent. If you want to grow a beard, let’s see together what are the reasons for not growing a beard.

  • Genetics

Beard growth is also genetic . If your father or grandfather had a thick beard, you may have a thick beard too, but if you have not grown a beard for generations, it will be difficult for you to grow a beard.

Therefore, a man’s chance of getting a beard is related to his genetics.

  • Age
  • Nation

Depending on the race, the chance of getting a beard can also differ. For example, Chinese men are less likely to grow a beard than other ethnicities. Caucasian men are thin, Beards and whiskers are more likely to develop on the neck and chin.

  • Alopecia areata is present

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune health problem . In this health condition, the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the follicles. This effect can cause hair and beard to fall out in patches.

If you suffer from this health condition, it may be difficult to grow a beard.

  • Testosterone levels are falling

A decrease in testosterone levels in men can also interfere with male beard growth. Decreasing testosterone levels cause beard, Not only can it hinder the production of lips . You can still feel these symptoms.

> Low sexuality

> Erectile dysfunction

> Tired easily

> No muscle movement

> Increased body fat

> You may experience mood swings.

  • Eating style

Daily diet also has an effect on the growth of men’s beard. Adding biotin to your daily diet will help you grow a beard. It can help to grow mustaches.

  • Not exercising

Exercise can increase testosterone levels and help grow a beard. So doing regular exercise every day is also a way to help.

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The daily lifestyle will be less active. If you don’t exercise, the chances of getting a beard are less.

In addition to these, a lot of stress, Smoking can also interfere with beard growth.


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