Myths that those who want to lose weight in the new year must know

During the New Year, a new mind, new man I think there are people who have decided to set a new goal and say, “I’m definitely not going to lose weight this year.”

Deciding to lose weight is a good decision. But once you make this decision, you have to think again, “Have I ever made this decision before?” Did it really work?”

Actually, losing weight is not an easy process. It is a matter that will be successful only if you can be patient and work hard for a long time. They decided to lose weight together. They try to lose weight, but the number of people who actually lose weight is not as high as expected.

The reason is that almost everyone buys into myths and mistakes that lead you astray during your weight loss journey . Some activities may seem like they will help you lose weight, but in reality, they do the opposite.

These Chin (ginger) words, Your weight loss process will only be successful if you avoid myths. So, in this article, I would like to share 11 misconceptions that people who want to lose weight must know. to avoid.

Myths that people who want to lose weight must know

  • (Myth – 1) If you don’t eat breakfast , you lose weight – breakfast is important. It is also necessary to eat the right way. breakfast, lunch, Let me advise you to stick to a balanced and delicious meal with the attitude of dinner . You should not eat at all, You should not consume too much. What is important is how healthy and balanced the food is.
  • (Myth – 2) Losing weight is fast using dietary supplements. Loss of appetite You may experience various side effects from having too much bowel movement. In addition, there are more medicines that are not authorized.
  • (Myth – 3) Low fat and diet foods cause weight loss – low fat foods, Diet foods are said to be food for people who are losing weight. But before the food, “Diet” “Light” “Low fat” Just having the words “Fat-free” won’t help your health. You need to know that a lot of sugar and salt are used to make these foods .
  • (Myth – 4) There is no problem with overeating – in fact, there are many problems with overeating. Overeating causes you to overeat without realizing it. Also, most junk food contains ingredients that are not suitable for people who want to lose weight.
  • (Myth – 5) Cholesterol – rich foods are unhealthy. Not all foods high in sugar are unhealthy. For example, eggs Yogurt is a cholesterol-rich food. But isn’t it healthy? The same goes for sugar. It is necessary to meet the daily needs.
  • (Myth – 6) Non-nutritive sweeteners are healthy – low in calories. I want less carbohydrates, want to be sugar free People who want to eat sweets use non-nutritive sweeteners (artificial sweeteners) called NNS instead. NNS, a man-made sweetener, is notoriously unhealthy. It’s just a myth that you’re lying to yourself.
  • (Myth – 7) You can lose weight in one place – in fact, this is an impossible case. A lot of people want to lose weight by getting rid of their thighs or stomach. Losing weight can affect the entire body. You can’t just say you want to be thin. You can only burn a little more fat in those areas.
  • (Myth – 8) Calories are bad – Calories are the fuel needed by the body. Don’t forget something important. If you want to lose weight, you only need to burn a fraction of the calories. Not the main reason. And you need to burn calories. Not everything with calories needs to be avoided. We need to understand this differently.
  • (Myth – 9) Don’t eat if it’s high in fat – it’s like calories. The human body needs fat. Many people avoid sticking to fatty foods. In fact, the key is not to eat bad fats in order to properly replenish and not become overweight. For example, some fish are fatty but healthy.
  • (Myth – 10) Losing weight is easy – in fact, losing weight is the hardest job in the world. If it were really that easy, there would be no reason for more than 700 million people in the world to be overweight. But some people don’t understand this point, so if you want to lose weight, listen to it when you feel discouraged, you don’t lose weight, and people are tired and exhausted.

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I think that this will clear up the myths that are often heard during weight loss. In order to lose weight, you should try to take time to exercise and eat a healthy and nutritious diet. Only then can you be healthy and lose weight properly.

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