Who made the label that men must be strong?

Men must be strong. Don’t be weak. I mustn’t cry. A great man All the sayings like a woman and a woman are gender-specific. I have been labeling them for a long time. When he adheres to it as a rule, not just a label, if he deviates from this rule, he is a weak man. It comes with discrimination that you can’t use anything.

Who made the label that men must be strong?

Traditions, men must be strong : The ideas handed down from parents are the main thing. That’s why movies and media portray men as full and strong. They are also co-accused in showing violence against women as a normal issue.

Being a man is labeled as such.

  • Confiding to others is the act of the weak

Men must be patient no matter what. Do not complain. Having been taught not to open up, these men grow up to feel tight-lipped. The fact that women have more mental problems isn’t because men are bad. Because they are labeled as not to tell.

  • Must be rough.

If boys start fighting in the neighborhood, they are labeled as “There are only so many boys”, “Only boys have to know how to fight,” “They have to be able to punch and grind.” So, the cool guys who don’t fight back are being asked if they don’t know if the man is fighting.

  • Must look like a tiger.

There was a time when men only looked good with mustaches and whiskers. The meat is brown. In the past, like today, men wore make-up, skin care , If you see the white-faced children, you’ll think it’s one of them.

  • A man has to earn money.┬áHe is the head of the family.

So, women spontaneously marry, give birth, It’s all about maintaining a marriage. Adults who are bigoted, men are not allowed to hold a broom. I used to be forbidden to do anything in the kitchen.

  • Don’t hang out with gays.

Real men don’t hang out with gays. There were also ideas that he would become gay like them. Men who were not disciplined like this began to treat LGBT people including gays with disgust.

  • Must be sexually active.

If not, If not, you must have heard of (Gan) Du. Men should always be sexually active. If you don’t mind, you think that this man has something wrong. Not only that, but sexually incapable men are labeled as useless men.

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