What to eat to lower blood cholesterol?

Blood cholesterol is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. These cholesterol levels may vary depending on the foods you eat. Everyday food has an effect on cholesterol . This time, I would like to tell you what to eat to lower bad cholesterol in the blood.

Too much cholesterol in the blood can lead to heart disease through narrowing of the blood vessels .

What to eat to lower blood cholesterol?

You can do physical exercises to improve good cholesterol, but another way to lower blood cholesterol is to include these foods in your daily diet. Now… What to eat to lower blood cholesterol!

Oat and millet crops

Oats and millets are rich in fiber. Fiber keeps the digestive system healthy and can increase blood cholesterol. Therefore, if you want to reduce bad cholesterol in your blood, you need to include one plate of oats and millet crops in your daily intake.


Another food source of soluble fiber is beans. Beans are rich in protein and help lower blood cholesterol. Another thing is that beans don’t cause blood sugar spikes like other carbohydrate-rich foods. Beans can help regulate blood sugar and lower blood cholesterol.

Non-starchy vegetables

Non-starchy vegetables such as asparagus, Cabbage, Cauliflower tomato, pepper, celery, carrot, onion, Eating green vegetables can also lower blood cholesterol.

These vegetables are rich in fiber and protein. These vegetables can lower blood cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

Nuts and seeds

Another food to eat to lower blood cholesterol is nuts, almonds, Eating a handful of sesame seeds regularly can help lower blood cholesterol. These whole grains and nuts can also reduce the risk of heart disease .


Berries such as raspberry, raspberry, Pomegranate Strawberries are high in soluble fiber and low in sugar.

Apple, banana, Pears also contain soluble fiber, but they are not as healthy as berries due to their high sugar content. So, to lower blood cholesterol, you can eat berries.


Plant-based foods are nutritious and relatively healthy. Therefore, in daily consumption, soybeans and soybeans made from soybeans, Eating tofu is also a good way to stay healthy. You can eat soybeans to lower blood cholesterol.

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Tuna and salmon are heart-healthy and contain omega-3 fatty acids , which can help lower blood cholesterol. Daily consumption of sea fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help lower blood cholesterol.

Including the foods mentioned in your daily diet can help lower bad cholesterol in the blood.

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