To ease the duration of menstruation

A lack of menstruation is bad, and heavy duration of menstruation bleeding is not a good sign. Menstrual bleeding that lasts for no more than 3 to 7 days can be called a healthy period. I will share with you how you can reduce the length of your menstrual period so that you don’t have any other health problems.

What causes a longer period?

There are many reasons for prolonged periods.

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • A non-cancerous tumor in the uterus Something happened to the water bag
  • Cancer in any part of the reproductive system
  • Infection
  • Suffering from any health problems after pregnancy
  • Having liver disease
  • Having a kidney health problem
  • Having a pelvic health problem can delay your period.

Do you have heavy menstrual bleeding?

If you are experiencing these symptoms, you are having heavy menstrual bleeding.

  • Menstrual days will be more than 7 days
  • Blood clots will come down. The blood clot that comes out will be bigger than a round coin
  • The color of blood is red, pink It will be brown
  • It should be used once every 2 hours every month
  • During menstruation, the blood volume will be around 80 ml instead of the normal 35-40 ml
  • tired I’m falling all over the place You may experience symptoms of anemia such as shortness of breath
  • If there is bleeding between the 2 menstrual cycles, it must be because the menstrual bleeding is heavy.

To ease the duration of menstruation

Diet plays a major role in reducing menstrual cycle length. So, let me suggest you to do the little things I told you now to ease the length of your period.

  • Eat sesame seeds

If you want to reduce the length of your period, you can include sesame seeds in your daily diet. Consuming this can relieve Fri menstrual periods that are not due to a medical condition.

  • Drink water

Drinking water can reduce the duration of menstruation and heavy bleeding. Hydration helps to maintain good health and also works to replenish blood levels in the body.

  • Eat tamarind

Tamarind helps with blood circulation, so it can relieve Fri menstrual periods. Just soak the mango fruit in clean water and mix it with a little honey and drink one cup a day.

  • Do exercise

Exercise warms up the muscles. When the muscles are warmed up, the muscles relax and the contraction force decreases. This decrease in pressure will relax the uterus, which will reduce bleeding.

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When should you see a doctor?

  • If the bleeding lasts for days , almost every month
  • Bleeding with long bleeding days, Unbearable pain in the stomach, If there are pains
  • If you suffer from anemia due to prolonged bleeding
  • If your daily life is disturbed due to prolonged bleeding, you should see a doctor and receive proper treatment.

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