Pregnant women can’t drive

Do not do it during pregnancy . You must have heard all kinds of prohibitions such as this not to do. Today’s expectant mothers are the ones who drive their own cars even before pregnancy, so they want to know if they can drive after pregnancy.

Can’t drive while pregnant

Roughly speaking, you can. There are a few exceptions, but just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stop driving. It is said that driving during early and late pregnancy is the same as normal driving.

Pregnant women suffer in the second 3 months (between 3 and 6 months). Car accidents among pregnant women are common during this month. They don’t know why, but it’s thought to be due to pregnancy hormones.

This is not to say that it is completely undriveable. If you follow these tips, you can drive.

If you drive while pregnant

  • Fasten your seat belt.

Most of them don’t want to wear a belt because they are pregnant because they think the belt will press on their stomach. In fact, the belt can protect both the mother and the baby from harm if accidents happen.

The belt needs to be worn correctly so that it does not squeeze the stomach. Make sure the lower part of the belt is lifted from under the stomach. The next step is to cross the body from the end of the shoulder. Don’t feel like it’s pressing on your stomach.

  • Be accessible.

Be sure to reach important parts of the car such as brakes. It needs to be comfortable to drive. Don’t let the steering press your stomach.

  • Let the airbag work.

Check if the airbag is working properly. In addition to airbags, check the vehicle regularly for everything you need.

  • Don’t use the phone.

During pregnancy, there are already hormonal changes and there is often a lack of concentration . So don’t use your phone to distract you while driving.

  • Take care when driving long distances.

Whether it’s a long-distance drive or Whether you’re driving in the city, stop for an hour or so and take a break . It is not suitable for pregnant women to be sedentary. Due to pregnancy, the blood is already thick , so it can be worse if you are sedentary. Park and walk at least once an hour. Drink plenty of water.

Pregnant women should not drive

9 out of 10 pregnant women can drive safely without any problems. But if this is the case, I would advise you not to drive.

  • If the doctor prohibits it

Because the blood loss during pregnancy is bad because I cannot control it, If you are not fit to drive because you have seizures, etc., you should not drive.

  • If the nausea is bad

Nausea and vomiting during early pregnancy If you are intoxicated, you should not drive. One slip of caution can lead to danger.

  • If it doesn’t fit the car and body

Before I was pregnant, driving was fine. If the stomach has come out now, you may have to drive before. car seat steering brake Car lights, etc., within easy reach. At any time, you can tread comfortably. Must be able to click. If you can’t adjust the car to fit your body comfortably, it’s better not to drive.

  • If it is difficult to move because of pregnancy

Back pain due to pregnancy My wrists hurt. tired Don’t drive if it’s hard to even tilt from side to side. Driving is more tiring. Symptoms will get worse.

  • If you can’t focus

It’s natural to have difficulty concentrating during pregnancy. Hormonal changes also happen. It’s hard to fall asleep at night, so I want to rest my head. If this is the case, don’t drive. I will be sleepy. Let me advise you not to drive if you are distracted and not close to people.

  • If you have a stomach ache

The question is, can you drive if you have a stomach ache to give birth ? When some moms are too impulsive, the hospital car comes, Instead of waiting for someone to come, I drive myself to the hospital.

At this time, you should not risk such a thing. When the baby is about to be born, the stomach hurts for a Fri time, and I can’t concentrate at all. So, at this time, I would like to advise you to wait for someone to come instead of being a good woman.

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Don’t worry when you have a car accident.

Being seriously injured in a car crash is not important. I hit the brakes hard, You have to be aware of things like car crashes. No external damage. Even if you can’t get a pregnancy picture, you shouldn’t take it lightly. At the very least, you should see a doctor and check the child’s condition.

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