If these things happen in vision, be careful

It is a blessing that the eyes that look at it every day can see everything clearly. Normally we don’t notice this. One day I chewed the views, If you’ve been suffering from red eyes, you’ve remembered to check your eye health. So, if you are suffering from the vision problems below, I would advise you to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Vision problems to take care of

  • Red eyes

Red eyes can be due to various reasons, besides redness, itchy eyes , swelling, You have to be careful because it can eventually lead to vision loss. In general, red eye is when the sclera of the eye becomes pink or red due to inflammation of the small blood vessels in the eye.

Red eyes can be normal or due to an infection. If it has been red for several days, you should see a doctor. Causes of red eyes include inflammation of the eyelids, White eye inflammation, Something allergic got into the eye, Swelling of the blood vessels inside the eye is the most common.

  • You should get goosebumps

Normally, it gets dark and after a while your eyes get used to it and you can see a lot. People who are blind can’t see anything in the dark. Especially those with cataracts. This problem is common in children with vitamin A deficiency.

  • Headache

If you have a headache, there are many possible causes. ordinary tiredness, It should not be forgotten that people can bite because they are tired, and vision problems can also cause headaches.

In glaucoma, if the drainage hole in the eye is blocked, it can become tight and cause a headache. Cylinder power does not bite, A headache may occur due to the light shining into the eyes. If it is due to glaucoma, you will need emergency medical treatment. This will prevent vision loss.

  • Can’t stand the light

This means that if you are in a bright place, you become confused. Not comfortable. Photophobia is the fear of light. If the condition is not too bad, if he is in a bright place, he often squints to prevent the light from entering his eyes. If the condition is bad, contact with light can cause severe eye pain.

Cataract, the problem of not being able to withstand this kind of light. People with corneal abrasions People with eye allergies, Mainly seen in people with squint.

  • I can see small particles

If the eye looks, there are no clear particles, dots, What you see as lines are called floaters . Although you can see it in front of your eyes, these particles are actually floating in the fluid in your eye. These cells reflect the shadow on the retina, which is what we see in front of our eyes.

These particles are usually harmless. After a while, it eases automatically. I tend to notice it more when I look at something that is clearer than this (such as a wall, the sky).

Sometimes there are things that are not normal but are seen due to disease. Especially eye damage due to diabetes, retinal detachment Inflammation of the blood vessels in the eye also happens.

  • I saw the sudden destruction

This is called Flashes and some people see it as lightning . Some of them bumped their heads and stared at the stars. They tell different things like seeing the moon.

This is because the fluid in the eye rubs or presses against the retina in old age. Sometimes it happens due to some disease (for example retinal detachment).

If you suddenly have blurred vision in your eyes or have recently had eye surgery, you should see an eye doctor.

When the eyes are dry, it feels like it’s burning in the eyes. Itchy. Normally, if there are not enough tears to moisten the eyes, the eyes become dry and itchy.

In addition, eye diseases such as chronic dry eyes, Eyelid inflammation Bell’s palsy is a condition where one side of the face is deformed and the eyelashes cannot blink properly, and dry eyes can occur.

  • Hot tears

If you are constantly having hot tears, there is something wrong with your eyes. Because something is wrong with the eye, tears are coming out and they are cleaning the eye. Usually, if the hot tears are constantly falling, is it because of bacteria? Is it because the tear ducts are blocked? Swelling of the sclera? Dry eyes? We have to think about whether something allergic has entered the eye.

  • Blurred vision

Blurred vision is a common eye symptom. If your vision suddenly starts to blur, I advise you to see an eye doctor as soon as possible. Eye diseases that cause blurred vision are age-related vision impairment, Eye pain, having cataracts, Retinal detachment, etc. may be.

  • Eye inflammation

If there is already swelling around the eyes, the head, Gopo, Maybe something hurt the face. So the eye and eyelid tissues are swollen and swollen.

Conditions that can cause eye swelling due to disease rather than injury are eyelid inflammation, blocked tear ducts, eye skin infection Swelling of the sclera, corneal ulcer, The eye bulges out due to thyroid hormone disease.


If you experience the above symptoms in your eyes, you should see an eye doctor without negligence. If the disease is properly treated, it can be prevented from losing vision in time.

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