How to calculate the heart rate you should have

With each heartbeat, blood flows throughout the body, so you need to have a proper heart rate. Everyone’s heart rate is different when they are resting and when they are exercising. If the heart rate is too high, it is bad, and if it is too low, it is bad, so you need to keep it within the right range. What should be your heart rate to maintain this? You need to know how to control it.

What is your heart rate?

The heart rate you should have is the heart rate you should be at when you exercise . This must be in a range rather than a number. Of course, the heart rate during exercise will be higher than when resting. While you are exercising yourself, you can stop for a while and check if your heart rate is in the right range.

Depending on this, if it is too much, reduce the exercise, If it is low, it can be increased. You can also check your heart condition using your heart rate.

What is resting heart rate?

Resting heart rate is the heart rate when a person is at rest. It is best to measure before getting out of bed early in the morning.

Most adults have a normal heart rate between 60-100. These numbers are stress, Hormonal changes medicines, It can change depending on how active you are. For example, veteran athletes; People who have been exercising for a long time have a heart rate of only 40 beats per minute. This is normal.

The lower the resting heart rate, the better. This means that the heart does not have to work as hard to pump blood throughout the body. It means that the heart is not overloaded. According to studies , heart rate is fast while resting, lack of physical fitness, high blood pressure, It is related to being overweight.

One thing is that I am not the one who is exercising. If a person who normally jumps 70 times a minute suddenly jumps to 40, be careful. It could be a disease .

How to measure heart rate yourself

  • Turn the forearm and the side without the thumb. Measure where the wrist meets the forearm.
  • Using the tip of your index and middle finger, press firmly on the above mentioned area.
  • You will feel your blood pumping.
  • If you measure it for 30 seconds and multiply it by 2, you will get the heart rate per minute.

What is the maximum heart rate you should have?

Your maximum heart rate is how fast your heart can beat without harming your health. This varies depending on age. Roughly (220-your age).

For example, if you are 20 years old, the maximum heart rate you should have is 200. Age 40 is 180. This is only a rough estimate, and in practice there is often a 15% discount.

How to calculate the heart rate you should have.

You are already exercising. You can calculate how much the heart rate should rise with the maximum heart rate you should have. You don’t have to be exact on your maximum heart rate. Reaching between 50-85% of your maximum heart rate is enough.

50-70% of maximum heart rate during moderate exercise; During intense exercise, you can reach 70-85% of your maximum heart rate.

So if a 20-year-old person is exercising, they don’t need to have a heart rate of 200. If you have a heart rate of 100-170, which is between 50-85%, you have it.

If it’s a mathematical equation to make it easier to see

Heart rate you should have = (220-your age) x the percentage you like between 50 and 85%

If you calculate this, you will get a range, and if you enter this range, you will get it.

How to enter the heart rate you should have.

  • Start slowly.

This time, if you exercise, try to measure your heart rate. Try to fight back at your normal heart rate. If it is less, you have to increase the exercise. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself. When the body is not used to it, it will be more tired. Take about a week to reach 50% of your maximum heart rate. 55% next week Try to increase your heart rate by 60% for the next week.

  • Look back at the body.

Sometimes we focus on heart rate and miss other factors. For example, the person is sweating and panting, but continues to say that the heartbeat is not yet there. Even though my hands are sore, not taking a break will not make it possible to continue exercising in the long run.

  • The heart rate you should have is a number.

Your heart rate is a way to check if you are exercising properly. If it’s low, it’s just an incentive to increase. Do not get too addicted to these numbers and harm your body.

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Another important thing is to consult your doctor if you are going to exercise . especially the old I have a disease, If you’ve never done it before, you need more. Ordinary people can start with as much as they can and gradually increase.

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