How does the digestive system work?

It generally takes 24 to 72 hours for food to digestive and absorbe. The length of time depends on the food you eat and how much you consume, as well as your gender. Ma Physiological change process Depending on whether there is a problem with the digestive system, it slows down. It can go fast.

What is the digestive system?

It is the process by which the body digests the food we eat and releases the necessary nutrients . No nutrition, Old food that has already been digested is excreted as feces.

What does the digestive system consist of?

1. mouth

2. Throat

3. Stomach

4. Gut

5. Colon goes through 5 stages.

How does the digestive system work?

1. When the food is chewed, the enzymes in the saliva break down the starch in the food, making it easier to digest.

2. When swallowed from the mouth, it quickly reaches the throat. From the throat to the stomach within 6 to 8 hours after swallowing food. gut Food is moving towards the large intestine.

3. The acid in the stomach also breaks down the food and transports the slightly digested food to the intestine.

4. When it reaches the intestine, the pancreatic juice breaks down starches called carbohydrates. Breaks down fats and proteins. Fats are dissolved in the bile in the liver . vitamins Minerals and water are transported from the intestinal wall into the bloodstream, and undigested food is transported to the large intestine.

4. When it reaches the large intestine, the food that has already been partially digested is stored for about a day, and it can be worked on to further digest it. The last remaining nutrients are absorbed by the large intestine and the rest of the old food is excreted as feces.

5. Normally, men have 33 hours. Women can store food in the colon for about 47 hours. The rate of digestion can change depending on the food you eat. meat, When you eat fish, it takes about 2 days for the protein in the food to be completely absorbed. Foods high in fiber like vegetables and fruits can be digested sooner than a day.

6. sugar Sugary foods are broken down by the body within a few hours and make you want to eat again.

To make the digestive system work well, Things to avoid

  • Eat moreĀ greenĀ vegetables
  • Eat only fruits instead of sugary bread snacks
  • Eat less red meat and processed foods
  • Eat foods containing beneficial probiotics bacteria (yogurt).
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get enough sleep and rest
  • Reduce stress

How well a person ‘s digestive system works has a lot to do with their lifestyle. A person needs vitamins and nutrients to be healthy. It is not possible to forget that the digestive system needs to be in good order to absorb these nutrients properly. What should you eat every day? If you determine how to live, you will already prevent digestive system diseases from happening.

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