Good to know about the third molar or Wisdom Teeth

When talking about dental problems about Wisdom Teeth , the issue of teething is inevitable. We humans have 12 molars out of 32 teeth . We use molars to grind and digest various foods. The molars erupt at the end of the gums, and when the teeth first erupt, there are only 8 molars. The last 4 molars are 16 years old. They usually come out around 17, and these 4 teeth are also called 3rd Molar teeth or Wisdom Teeth. Now, in this article, I will talk about the third molars called wisdom teeth.

Why are wisdom teeth coming out?

To explain this, we must go back to ancient times. Stone Age humans used to use fire, They did not cook food using stoves, and had to chew whatever food they could find raw. It has been found that the teeth of humans at that time had to work harder than our teeth today, and the gums and jaws were wider because they had to put hard or soft food in their mouths and chew. Because the gums are wider, there is enough space for the wisdom teeth that come in later, and it supports them to grow straight as usual.

Why is Wisdom Teeth unnecessary nowadays?

To know this, take a look at the food we are eating nowadays . Easy-to-digest foods that are thoroughly cooked When you put it on your tongue, you don’t have to trample and chew like people in the past, because the consumption of foods that are prepared and cooked for pleasure has increased. To make the food more tender, The role of the molars to chew on hard objects gradually fades away as they are cooked in stages to make them easier to digest.

Why wisdom teeth do not erupt properly?

Due to the changing diet, we no longer need large molars as before, so our gums are gradually getting smaller and there is less room for all the teeth to grow. Therefore, when the last tooth (Wisdom Teeth) erupts, the teeth will no longer erupt normally and will become brittle. What happens in most cases is that the tooth comes out. In the path that will continue to grow, it is blocked by the teeth on the side, so it often faces the problem of not being able to continue upwards.

Why is it called Wisdom Teeth?

Third molars are the last teeth to emerge from our gums. It usually starts growing around the age of 16 or 17. Perhaps they call it Wisdom Teeth, assuming that humans become wiser as they age, but this is actually just a naming convention and has nothing to do with human intelligence.

Should Wisdom Teeth be Extracted?

Frankly, wisdom teeth should be extracted before any further problems arise. Wisdom teeth don’t erupt easily and cause problems.

Does everyone have Wisdom Teeth?

This depends on human evolution and individual genetics . As mentioned above, we have gradually left the evolution because we no longer need to use Wisdom Teeth in our lives. In 2011, South Korea According to a research conducted at Pusan ​​Dental University, men have more wisdom teeth than women, and half of the population has at least one wisdom tooth.

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If wisdom teeth are not extracted in time , can there be problems?

If wisdom teeth do not grow in place, gum infection, When the water broke , The teeth that are stuck and damaged, You may experience jaw damage . It is recommended that wisdom teeth be removed before time passes, as it can cause problems for other teeth over time.

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