Does immune decline with age?

Does your immune system decline with age? Before I answer this question, let me ask you this first . I just took a shower late. Are you upset that you suddenly fell asleep after turning on the computer, and then you’re sick? Do you feel like you want to catch a cold when the weather changes ? Why do you think this is ? If the answer is life, yes. But when you get old, you get sick easily because your bodyguard, who has been closely following you since birth, also gets old with you. The older you getMy immune system is getting weaker. To put it more clearly, when I get old, I can’t run as fast as I did when I was 20. I have to say that this is not only because of bad stamina , but also because the immune system can’t keep up.

Something important at any age

An important factor in staying healthy at any age is immunity. A well-functioning immune system can protect against infectious diseases and prevent serious illness . So when you get old, you need to improve your immune system to protect yourself from diseases.

Immune means

Immune system is cells, A system made up of tissues and organs. These little things work together to fight off infectious things that invade the body, such as bacteria .

This performance is consistent across all ages, so it doesn’t go away. As you get older, your immune response decreases. Let’s continue to look at the reasons why the immune system declines with age.

Does immunity decline with age?

The immune system consists of cells called T- cells that attack cells that can cause disease. When intruders enter the body , they signal the enemy so that they can best respond and attack.

As you get older, the number of T-cells that produce this signal decreases. This is the reason for the decline in immunity

In addition, the body’s immune cells become less when we age. Because the ability to connect with something decreases, when you are old, your immune system is less than when you were young.

This means that there are fewer cells to defend against, so it takes longer than before to fight off invading bacteria . So when you are old, you have a prolonged fever . Long recovery time, I feel that the wound is hardly healed.

As we age, the body’s ability to produce immune cells, including white blood cells, declines.

Can you tell if your immune system is going down just by looking at it?

Immune decline with age varies from person to person. I’ve seen it myself, there are those who have grown up among their siblings, and there are also things like gray hair and wrinkled skin when they were young . Not consuming enough nutrients, sleep loss a lot, lack of physical activity ; A lot of stress is also a factor that lowers the immune system.
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Alcohol, Cigarettes can also lower the immune system, so when you get older, you will need to cut these to strengthen your immune system .
The older you get, the more defects you have, and your immune system can also decrease, so starting around the age of 30, you should eat a nutritious diet. Sleep well, doing physical exercises, You need to do some stress relief. Therefore, I suggest that you take care of your immune system from middle age.

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