Did you know that eye pain is a type of headache?

Did you know that eye pain is a type of headache? Whether it’s because you use your laptop all the time. Whether you use your phone all the time, Even if I play the game all the time, my eyes hurt. I will explain why I say that eye pain is a type of headache in a short article, so let’s read it together.

Did you know that eye pain is a type of headache?

There are many types of headaches . Among these headaches, eye pain is also a type of headache . After reading a long text or staring at a computer screen for a long time, you may experience a headache along with your eyes.

When you feel a headache caused by this eye pain , your vision is blurred along with the eye pain. dry eyes, back pain Shoulder stiffness, You may feel a stinging sensation behind the eyes.

A headache caused by eye strain can be felt when the eyes are used continuously for a long time. It can be felt after driving long distances and staring at digital devices, including computers, for long periods of time.

A headache caused by an itchy eye can be quite annoying. But not too strong. When the eyes are fully rested, the eyelids sit comfortably and can relieve headaches caused by eye irritation.

What symptoms can you experience?

When you feel a headache caused by eye pain

  • Eyes hurt, sprain, hot eyes, Itchy eyes
  • tears, Dry eyes
  • Blurred vision or double vision
  • Headache
  • Pain in conscience Shoulder and back pain
  • Not affected by light
  • It’s hard to focus
  • You may feel too tired to keep your eyes open.

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How to make it easier?

Headaches caused by eye strain usually go away on their own with rest. But if you don’t use your eyes regularly, it can happen again.

If it doesn’t get better, you can do it with these little methods.

  • Take pain relievers including paracetamol .
  • Close your eyes and relax.
  • phone, Don’t look at the computer screen.
  • Use the computer with proper posture.
  • Put cold water on the eyes. Or heat the palms of both hands and place them on the eyes to relax the muscles.
  • eyelids Gently press along the ear canal. Or relax.

If you try these methods but it doesn’t help, let me tell you to consult a doctor. If you experience a headache along with eye pain, you need to take care to relieve it. If you don’t pay attention, you may find it difficult to focus in the long run. So I suggest you to take care carefully.

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